Q:What else pet could your device apply to besides dog?。
A:It could apply any pet which needs to feed.

Q:The device is easy to be knocked down by pets
A:The device outlook is designed to knock-down proof, we leave space to add steel and add stability.

Q:Is it easy to do cleaning?
A:The barrel and feeding tray could take out to wash, put them still dry. The other parts are all dust-proof design which could be easily cleaned by towel.

Q:How to get new product information?
A:You may follow our website, facebook, twitter to get latest information.

Q:Does the device get water feeding function?
A:Sorry, we don’t have at present

Q:How to purchase your products?
A:You can buy from our distributors all over the world. If you want to be our distributor, you may contact us directly

Q:Do customers pay service fees after they purchase the device?
A:All the after sales service are free of charge.

Q:What if the electricity is off?
A:There is backup option to install D-battery inside to maintain the function.

Q:What’s the audio and video quality? Does it will delay or meet distortion?
A:The feeder adopted P2P video transmission technology, ensure you a high quality audio and video experience, and of the real time.

Q:Can it storage food? Seal good?
A:he feeder originally is a feeding device, you could add the amount of food it can, but we do not suggest it be a device just for storage food use.

Q:In using, will it lose connection? Does it have “retry” option?
A: We did set auto re-connection function in our app, if that happens, just restart the power is ok.

Q:Will there be noise while using?
A:There is no noisy in daily using, the device is of top quality spare parts constructured, there is only with sound come when kibbles down to bowl, but as the bowl is of ABS material, not metal or other easy sounded material, so it would not made noisy sound and would not frighten pet friends when first period time of using.

Q:Will it jam often as other feeders in the market?
A:The feeder inside has an anti-jam equipment, would not consistently or often jam.

Q:If the feeder sturdy? Will it easy broke? And the bowl easy damage by my dog?
A:The feeder is sturdy enough, and applicable for big to small dogs or cats, it is resistable with dog’s bump or stamp.

Q:The food bowl easy install? Will it easily detached by my dog’s pull or drag?
A:The food bowl to main unit is of buckle design, not easily pull out. Even if with removing the bowl for a dishwasher or etc do not influence the food come out to floor for keeping feeding in time and healthily.

Q:If there with warning when battery out?
A:There is no such function in the current app, and it will be added in later versions.

Q:How to use the device?
A:Please refer to the user instructions which equipped in the package box or log in our official website etc to learn more details on using.

Q:How many devices i can control the same time with one smartphone?
A:Currently, the feeder did not set limitation for it, each smartphone can control unlimited devices and under one account without log out one then log in another, which is top convenient for multi dogs or cats family.

Q:Does the app will run out my mobile data soon while using?
A:It would not, except the videoing function will spend some data, other normal functions do not charge much data.

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