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Interzoo 2016 In Nuremberg, Germany, May 26-29
Interzoo is the world’s biggest pet and aquarium supplies trade fair, which founded in 1973, held every two years by Pet Society of Germany and Nuremberg exhibition company. With the fair, there are different kind of activities such as pet salon, pet show and professional training. The exhibitors and audience come from 50 countries.
Interzoo drives the pet industry innovation as an advanced international fair for dogs, cats, mouse, horses and birds. There are 1800 exhibitors, 39000 audience, the exhibition area reaches 115000 square meters this year.
Interzoo 2016 held in Nuremberg, Germany, from May 26-29, 2016

Now let’s look around with Simon, who’s from Easething Technology Co.,Ltd.

A handsome boy: Simon

So many people around the fair

Water tree, it is really beautiful, fishes’ heaven:

Rockery in water

Automatic pet feeder

Chinese enterprises attended the fair since 1998, it add 10th hall this year, 8th and 10th halls are for China. There are about 260 Chinese companies to attend Interzoo 2016, the total people are around 600, exhibition area exceeds 4300 square meters. It is the biggest national exhibition group except Germany.

Stand of Shenzhen Easething Technology Co,. Ltd The new product “Eco-aquarium” from the remote control, smart feeding, lighting, multi-mode imitation function to 360 degree rotatable wide-angle HD cam which could bring you a magic fish world. With the app, you can also monitor water temperature, water level, water quality in real-time.

The halls of USA.