Happy faction smart pet feeding device according to the national Three Guarantees implemented customer service. Since the date of receipt, such as accessories and no damage, seven days no reason to return, fifteen days replacement, a year not only for repair, beyond one year warranty service.
7 days no reason to return:
From the date of receipt, such as accessories and does not affect the two sale, allowing seven days no reason to return, return the products return courier fee will be paid by the user. Please contact the website online customer service application return return before.
The 15 day free replacement:
Within 15 days after receipt of the day, such as the case of quality problems, will be happy to send you free replacement, if quality problems will be happy to send after sale service testing center of detection and recognition. Replacement of the freight will be happy to send the payment, if you want to exchange contact online customer service application for replacement.
1 years free replacement:
Within 1 years from the date of receipt, in case of non-human fault pet feeder intelligent cause, you will be happy to send free replacement. Whether the fault belongs to the human caused by happy after sale service center detection and recognition.
The permanent repair service:
Those who buy happy faction smart pet feeder beyond one year of users, such as your machine of non-human damage, you only need to pay the return shipping can enjoy the warranty service.
Under any of the following circumstances, does not enjoy the after sale service:
1, not happy to send official genuine smart pet feeder;
2, Bao intelligent pet feeder (i.e. more than three packets of the warranty period);
3, without the happy school authorized repair, misuse, abuse, neglect, collision, liquid inlet, accident, improper installation, change caused by the intelligent pet feeder quality problems, or torn, altered label, serial number of the machine, anti fake mark;
4, the smart pet feeding device packaging, accessories, gifts, specifications incomplete, missing or altered invoices.
Happy to send customer service center address:
Shenzhen City, Nanshan District Zhongshan Road No. 1001 TCL international E building E4 11B3
Tel: 4008344345

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